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Up hill and down dale

Mar 15, 2012

Every year, Cranleigh sponsors the Great Cranleigh Kauri Run, a 13, 32 or 72km trail run and walk which takes place on the stunningly beautiful northern Coromandel Peninsula.

At Cranleigh, we like to think we bring a refreshingly down to earth, go-getting Kiwi style to the world of corporate advice and finance. Even though we have offices in Auckland and Melbourne, we like nothing better than to be outdoors.

When we're not raising capital or advising corporates, the Cranleigh team are keen adventurers.

Director Paul Bayly was part of the Borobudur expedition which built a replica 7th century Indonesian boat and sailed it from Indonesia to Madagascar. He is currently chairman of the New Zealand stopover committee for the Volvo Yacht Race around the world. His twin brother Andrew climbed Mt Cook. Another director, David Clarke, a keen cyclist, completed the K2 race and a couple of other team members have done the Coast to Coast.

Taking this quest for adventure to another level, Cranleigh is principal sponsor of the Great Kauri Run - a 32km or 13km trail run or walk on the stunningly beautiful northern Coromandel Peninsula.

Both events start on the white sands of Waikawau Beach on the eastern coast of the peninsula with the 32km event finishing in Coromandel township and the 13km event finishing at the White Star Station, close to Colville, both located on the western side of the peninsula.

The most recent event attracted a sizeable Cranleigh team to take part in the special corporate team category and the 32km individual event.

Fearless senior analyst Patrick Mahoney slogged it out in the 32km event crossing a number of meandering streams to rise 350m above sea level before tackling the central divide, which starts with a number of challenging ups and downs and leads into the most technical part of the run starting with a short and steep ascent to the Kaipawa track and uphill to the trig, the highest point on the course at 560m above sea level. From the trig it was all downhill to the finishing line at Coromandel township. A shattered Mahoney was over the moon to learn he finished in the middle of the field a creditable first effort.

In the corporate event Cranleigh's team of Paul Bayly, Devon Nel, Mike Stanton, Waruna Karunaratne and Ena Wong has a superb race finishing second behind fierce rivals on and off the track, Ernst & Young. All team members completed the 13km run and the average time of the team was calculated to give placings.

Part of the race is its strong environmental focus and Cranleigh feels it is only natural it should support an event that promotes New Zealand's natural heritage and supports the efforts of combatting climate change through the replanting of Kauri trees. More than 200 years ago most of the Coromandel peninsula was covered in Kauri forest. Today few of these majestic giants of the forest remain.

A kauri tree is planted every year along the trail for each person who puts their limbs through torture in the pursuit of adventure racing.

Cranleigh's vision is to plant 10,000 trees in the next 10 years and to create an avenue of Kauri all the way from Waikawau to Coromandel. To date more than 2000 kauri trees have been at the beginning of the Waikawau trail.

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